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    1) What is your favorite item on the menu?

    Tender MealsSaladsSandwichesWraps

    2) How do you feel about our portion size?

    Great! I feel full after every visitNeeds some work. I’m still hungry Other- Explain Why:

    3) Please rate your order wait time:

    5: Always Quick and Prompt4: Mostly Quick and Prompt3: Sometimes Quick and Prompt2: Rarely Quick and Prompt1: Never Quick and Prompt

    4) Starting with your most favorite, what are your top 5 sides?

    Your favorite side not mentioned in the list above:

    5) Do you prefer a mobile pickup window (order placed in advance online via our app or webpage) or a “traditional” drive-thru and why?

    Mobile PickupDrive-Thru

    6) Do you have any additional suggestions or recommendations?

    First, Last Name