/ Filet Mignon of Chicken

At Huey Magoo's We Only Serve

Real Tenders

Made From The Tenderloin

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The Filet Mignon of Chicken

Get Fancy. Treat Yourself To The

Get Fancy.
Treat Yourself To The

Filet Mignon Of Chicken®

(No Fancy Occasion Required)

It's the Best 3% and There Are Only Two Tenders Per Chicken

Let’s See How Well You Know Your Tenders!

Let’s See How Well You Know Your Tenders!

Not a Tender!

Neck: Doesn't Bring Much to the Table.

Not a Tender!

Breast: Many of Our Competitors Will Try to Pass Chicken Breast as Tenders, But Nothing Compares to the Taste of The Filet Mignon of Chicken®

Not a Tender!

Back: We Have Your Back on this One. This One is a Hard Pass.

Not a Tender!

Thigh: It's Not Looking Like a Leg Day Today, Skip On This Meat!

Not a Tender!

Drumstick: Might Be Nice If You Need Something to Beat A Drum With, But Not For Your Tendies!

Not a Tender!

Wing: Long Story Short, Don't Wing It!

Congratulations! You Found the Filet Mignon!

A real chicken tender is made from the tenderloin – it’s the Filet Mignon of the chicken. Each chicken only has two tenderloins and that’s all we serve at Huey Magoo’s!

You Deserve the Best
Which is why we skip on the scary stuff.

  • No
  • No
    Antibiotics Ever
  • No
  • That stuff belongs in a lab – not in your food.

  • Our tenders are handcrafted with no antibiotics, ever. No scary ingredients are added, ever!

  • This means that no steroids are added to our tenders which results in the fresh taste you love!

Experience the Filet Mignon of Chicken®  Today!

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