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About Huey Magoos

The Huey Magoo’s mission is a simple one:  to serve you and your family great tasting chicken tenders in a clean, friendly environment, while showing our love for people.  It is with exacting purpose that you won’t find an extensive menu filled with dozens of options here.  Burgers and burritos aren’t in our wheelhouse.  We do delicious, fresh, cooked-to-order chicken tenders, and we do them well. Our premium chicken tenders are served grilled or fried, on their own, as part of a meal, or in a salad, sandwich, or wrap.  

Huey Magoo’s was founded in 2004 by Matt Armstrong and Thad Hudgens, two southern boys with a passion for quality chicken and a penchant for serving others.

Though it serves as the cornerstone of our business, we are not just about chicken.  At Huey Magoo’s, we feel that it is part of our calling to give back to our surrounding community.  As such, we donate a portion of our profits to selected not-for-profit organizations and community groups. Giving back is as important to us as business itself, as we recognize just how fortunate we are to be in a position to do so.

Dr Phillips
TEL: 407-203-2051

Winter Springs
TEL: 407-706-6004

TEL: 407-977-0213

Altamonte Springs
TEL: 407-636-9913

UCF Student Union

Gardens on Millenia
(407) 969-0101


Lake Mary
West Lake Mary Blvd.



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